Saturday, December 24, 2011

Much Love And Appreciation This Christmas

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!!!

It's past 4AM, my energy is still pumping even if I don't have enough sleep since yesterday! And so I just decided to blog a little something.

This year is not exempted from that little sadness I usually feel during Christmas seasons. I don't know, there must be some kind of scientific explanation for that state where you feel depressed and sad just by thinking about Christmas. It's definitely not me hating on Christmas. It's more of feeling sad because you're missing some of the people you love (those who passed away or who just went away) and it makes you feel that it would've been a happier Christmas if they are around :(

Though I must admit that it's so not me to dwell on sadness. I dont let that "Emo Moment" ruin my Christmas. I still enjoy the night with my love ones and relatives. All of the sadness disappears when I see my relatives and love ones smiling, enjoying the food, and loving the gifts I gave them. My relatives are definitely not hard to please, give them a gift (cheap/expensive) and they will genuinely smile and say thank you. No doubt they are my relatives, because I too am like that...

And so for those who gave me gifts and to those who sent their love through their Christmas greetings!! I wanted to send you all my warmest appreciation and love!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! You all made my 2011 Christmas a special one!! Much love!!!



ps: Thank you Jaser for giving me the most thoughtful gift this Christmas (The Vape), it'll definitely be helpful in my quest on quitting my nic addiction ... LYM! 

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