Sunday, March 4, 2012

SM Men's Fashion Summer 2012 Catalog

It's March!! It is the month that officially starts summer here in the Philippines!!!
Heat starts to sink in especially at daytime and people are craving for the beach!
So in honor of Summer of 2012, I would like to share the hot catalog photos 
of SM Men's Fashion for Summer!!!

Photos by Frank Hoefsmit (Mens) and Jo Ann Bitagcol (Boys/Teens)
Styled by Luis Espiritu, Jr. (Mens), Mike De Guzman and George Palmiano (Boys/Teens)
Make-Up by Bobby Carlos
Hair by Jaime Sy
Models: Hideo (Mercator), Benjamin (Reco), Pedro and Zaydan (IM Agency) for Menswear; Pedro D. (Reco), Nat (Mercator), Robson (IM Agency)



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