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Sam Milby's Home... BTS Photos for Manila Bulletin SAC Shoot

A few month's ago, I had the privilege to style Sam Milby for a feature in Manila Bulletin...
It was the week before he left for his quest in Hollywood. So it is a bit special because I was able 
to bid farewell and goodluck to him personally (kilig!!!).. 

The feature consists of him and his house (that's why "Spotted"), that's why it is special.
Having to be in the house of one of the country's hottest hunks is definitely a privilege!! lol..
So as soon as I received the invite, pak na pak na YES agad!

Here are some of the photos of his home, and behind-the-scenes photos during the shoot.

Our first task that day was to find Sam's house. 
Situated in the middle of one of the busiest areas in Pasig. Challenge hanapin but 
thanks to Caress (from Cornerstone Talent Management) for guiding us.
When we arrived, we were greeted by this modern-minimalist/ Japanese Inspired home.

The receiving area opens up to a very light and homey living area!

I feel in love with that stairs!! But given my lack of balance when Im drunk, 
it will not be good for me... The interior is very masculine!

We waited for a few minutes while Sam prepped up (Thus photos) lol.. 
That's his kitchen and bar, which he said is rarely used! His La Germana Oven (according to Sam) 
is still a virgin (as in never been used) lol

And then Sam here while being interviewed by Angelo of MBSAC 
and groomed by Rhina Montemayor...

preppin for the first layout!

First layout... Pool na agad!! hehe... yeah that's his swimming pool. 
He said he swims to workout.. 

2nd layout... Gym... Yes he has a gym with sauna at home.. He said he works out there
when he needs to beef up for a project! 

Sam while waiting for the setup...

3rd layout... The Living Area and The Theater Room

Some of Sam's displays in his living area.. and yeah that's him in that photo!

Sam said his favorite area in his house is the Theater room. He said he sleeps there sometimes.
and that's him showing his folding bed/side table.

Sam loves to watch movies. and here he is showing his collection of Blu Ray DVDs.
Take note!! All of it are original!! NO TO PIRACY! :P

And so we are off to our last layout..
And was shot at (for me) the most important part of the house, THE MASTER'S BEDROOM

We were greeted by a very masculine yet kabog room!! The room is almost as big as
a separate condo unit. It has a mezzanine area where his bed and some other stuff are located.

You can easily say that the owner of the room loves music, just by looking at the 
equipment inside his room's base floor.

Pose muna...

Sam has a 3d LED TV. and he loves playing with that PS (i dont know what version, im not techy sorry)

3d Glasses!!

That's the stairs going to the Bed area inside his bedroom!

And here's his oddly shaped bed!

 A view from the mezzanine area of his bedroom!

 Of course! Kailangan may photo on his bed!! Sam is really good at smizing!!

I love that painting!!

Some stuff beside his bed! 

And then we're off to his hidden walk-in closet!!
Hidden kasi you will not notice that there is another room inside his room
because of the unnoticeable door in the base floor!
That wall beside the TV, that's the door to his Walk In Closet!!!

We were greeted by his extensive set of wardrobes on the right...  

It is organized properly, and yeah! his walk in closet is just effin fabulous!! 
(I just have to say that!)

Shoes and more shoes!! 

Hats!! I saw quite a number of Folded and Hung Shirts and Fedoras in there!! 

On the left side of his walk-in closet is his Lavatory area.
 Bath tub... shower and loo!

Sam Milby (i think) has a good chance of making it to Hollywood. Im sure he'll come back with a big surprise to us Pinoys! He said more than personal reasons he also wanted to make us Pilipinos proud. So Im hoping and praying that good things will come to him!!

It was a long yet fabulous day! Sam went off to Bandila after our shoot and we are off to our 
usual trips. Sam and his mom were very hospitable. I'd like to extend my special thanks
to Manila Bulletin- Students and Campuses for allowing me to post these photos and
to Cornerstone Talent Management for making this shoot happen!

If you wanna read the official feature with all the photos... it will be posted right after this blog post!!


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