Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Favorite Jessica Sanchez American Idol Performances

And since Jessica Sanchez is already in the Finale next week,
I am listing down my Top 5 Jessica Sanchez Performance!

Here it is... In no particular order...

The Prayer 
I loved this because she served a new rendition of the Celine Dion and Andrea Boccelli classic...
Very angelic yet powerful vocals... and those vibratos are precious!!

I Will Always Love You
This performance was so in time with the death of the original "Voice" Ms Whitney Houston..
It was so well sung (Though bitin) it was like the best AI tribute to Whitney!!

Everybody Has A Dream
This Billy Joel classic gave Jessica "The Moment" and sealed her as the judges' favorite and my
favorite this season!!

I came to know who Jazmine Sullivan is because Jessica sang this song. May not be one of the Judges' favorites, but I think Jessica showcased her fabulous vocals in this performance!! Now Stuttering is part of my playlist!!

Dance With My Father
This is a favorite song of mine and I am so glad Jessica sang this with so much soul!!!

You Are So Beautiful
She made me love this super duper classic song with that very subtle vocals (and that high note!)

and of course!!

And I Am Telling You (Im Not Going)
This is Jessica at it's finest! For a 16 year old to sing this song with so much soul (and just standing in one place) takes so much control and vocal prowess!! She deserves that Standing O!!!


Oh and I went over 5 performances! Its rare to see an AI contestant with so many "moments" during the entire season!!
Next week is going to be interesting. A Singer-Songwriter VS a vocalist!
I hope Jessica would serve those runs and growls that Jimmy asked her to keep inside the hat!!
Next week's finale is the time to show everyone that golden voice!!

And yes, before I forgot, her voice at that age reminds me of Whitney!! Saw whitney (on youtube) when she was 16... raw and pure vocal talent!!

and as a bonus, here's Jennifer Lopez's Dance Again performance last week!!

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