Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hotmessblogger Is Now A Certified MONSTER


And yes! Lady Gaga has conquered me and the rest of the audience who bought tickets to watch that 2-night Born This Way Ball World Tour in Manila last 21st and 22nd of May!

I consider it more of a spectacle than a concert. A visual and auditory feast!! From the intricate set (that castle!) to the fabulous outfits and the flawless and smooth continuity of the songs. Perfect!

Well obviously I was not converted into worshipping Satan (just like what those stupid demonstrators were saying on their interviews). Last night I saw a performer, an artist, who wanted to entertain her audience to make the money they spent all worth it! As she said it herself, "it's all part of the liberation thing..." which is the primary theme of the whole show.

For me the most special moment of the night was the part where she sang "Hair". It was just her and the keyboard/motorbike, as she addressed her sentiments with the whole brouhaha about her show in Indonesia and the people rallying against her show in Manila.

Here's what she said in between verses of the song.

What she said totally conquered my heart. It sealed the deal, and it baptized me as a legit little Monster!!!

Here are photos taken by popular concert photographer, MARK TERENCE SY during the concert!
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( Photos used with permission from the owner)

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