Monday, March 14, 2011

Next To Normal is Best

"Day after day, wishing all our cares away. Trying to fight the things we feel, but some hurts never heal. Some ghost are never gone, but we go on, we still go on."

I watched Next To Normal last Saturday (as mentioned in my previous post) and guess what? Next To Normal took me by surprise!

Nobody told me that it'll bring tears to my eyes, and so I came unprepared!

A quick one...
The Story showed how a family dealt with the past and faced the future. It dabbles on issues as grieving a loss, drug abuse, suicide, and ethics in psychiatric medicine. Menchu Lauchenco-Yulo (Diana Goodman) did a great job! She was on point, and was able to capture the emotions of a grieving mother and a hopeful patient. Felix Rivera (Gabe Goodman) was also amazing, it's like listening to Adam Lambert with a body to die for (lol). Other Cast include- Jett Pangan (Dan Goodman), Bea Garcia (Natalie Goodman), Jake Macapagal (Doctor Madden), and Markki Stroem (Henry)... Even with a western setup, the cast was able to portray their roles well, and they were able to put in some Pilipino heart to their characters! Amazing ;)

The music, I kinda expected it to be good! My instant favorites "Superboy and The Invisible Girl","Light","I Am The One (Reprise)","Hey/Perfect For You (Reprise)", "I Miss The Mountains", "Maybe (Next To Normal)" ...

It totally deserved the Tony Award and Pulitzer Award for Drama!

I think the Filipino audience will like Next To Normal because it doesn't just give you great music, good story, and great actors, but it also imparts lessons on love, acceptance, and moving-on (Traits that I think us Pinoys are considered experts on).

It's money well spent!

Ticket Prices:
P 1500 (Orchestra Center)
P 1300 (Orchestra Side)
P 1100 (Loge Center)
P 900 (Loge Back / Loge Side)
P 700 (Balcony) 

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