Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gay Kiss On TV: Why censor??

Remember the post about the couple torridly and courageously kissing inside the LRT?

Then you ain't seen nothing yet. In this week’s Glee, Kurt and Blaine finally kissed. But TV networks ETC and JackTV are the exact opposite of the words brave, liberated, and gender-equal as they cut that particular scene.

This was not the first time that ETC and Jack TV cut out a gay kissing scene from Glee. In an earlier episode, the kiss between Kurt and football player (name??) was also censored.

But why cut it out?? What's the "Parental Guidance" for?? If they keep on cutting gay kissing scenes on TV, they might as well cut out boy and girl kissing scenes.

I don't see any difference between a hetero and a homo smooch. I think they evoke the same emotion from their respective audiences. Whether or not it evokes "kilig" or lust it's still the same old kiss!!

Here's a vid of the scene that was cut out from yesterday’s Glee episode...
(so when are we gonna see Santana and Britney kiss?)

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