Thursday, February 10, 2011

What to say? First Post Ever

I started this because I wanna be able to share all the things that comes my way!

It took me weeks to officially think of a good blog name. I have posts that are even older than my blog name.

I want to share a wide variety of things, experiences, opinions, and wisdom (or whatever!) that there is to share...

To start of, I wanna share me...
I'm a mess, a HOT Mess...
I'm a mess since Day 1... lol
I'm a mess, my mind is. I cant even decide on simple things without inputs from others.
I'm a mess, I cant even make up my mind easily on things.
I'm a mess, I've dabbled on so many things in the past... I mean lame old school and crazy cool things!
I'm a mess, I'm dabbling on new things now... like Styling.
My life is a mess, but it has been fun so far! No regrets at all... All the things I've done, good or bad, made me a better person.

What I do??
I'm a regular employee, just like everyone else! I work for an International Media and Financial Co for almost a year now. Before this, I am a banker... and before...  Blah blah...

On my free time??
I do a lot of things.... I do styling for Pictorials- for a section in a major daily. You guys are gonna see some of my styling stint with them.... I'm gonna share juicy blind items too!! lol

My pursuits??
I want to have my own clothing line or restaurant. Probably not now, or in the next 2-3 years, but I'm on the 1st stage and right path. I still need to gather the important resources (skills, money, connection).

That's it for now... I can't think of anything else...

Here's my twitter, from there you can see my other social network accounts!

ps: I'm gay.. so if you're a hater and got nothing good say, just stray!

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