Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hot Dogs' Invasion!!

Who would've thought football, here in our country, will become as big as it is now? Before, I just see Pinoys playing football in inter-collegiate tournaments, now it's televised "Live Via Satellite" on Local (VHF-UHF or whatever!) and Cable channels! Whoohoo!!

I give my credits to the Half Pinoy-Half Whatever Dogs who allowed themselves to be part of our country's football team. More than half of the Football Team Azkals are mixed breed. Let's all admit it, Aside from being good players, they are also (greater than) good-looking, they are HOT (specially when sweaty)!! (as how the manyak celebrity doktor describes a starlet while rehearsing their number, we all wanna shout "Zeeeeezzzzleeeng Hawt!!"). No wonder gurls and gays everywhere flooded Bacolod's Panaad Stadium, not just with their Salivas, but also with their irritatingly deadly scream (So irritating, you can hear their screams resonating from your muted television)..

With the Team Azkals' win over the Mongolians the other night (Feb9'11)..I'm super sure that the screaming girls and gays (who's more interested with the players rather than the game) will double it's number.x1000 maybe?? More than the number of people who attended Cory's funeral march!! More (drooling) girls are dreaming to become Phil Younghusband's Youngwife!!!

Here's a pic of the 4 Azkals (Photo by Isabella Martinez for Manila Bulletin- Students and Campuses Section- issued last February 1, 2011) (L-R: Phil Younghusband, Aly Borromeo, James Younghusband, Christopher Camcam)


ps: Oh btw, Im one of the screaming gays (who's more interested with the players rather than the game). Neil Etheridge is H.O.T.N.E.S.S!! Here's his Twitter profile pic...


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