Thursday, August 2, 2012

Triumphant (Get' Em) Mariah Carey ft Rick Ross and Meek Mill

It is a triumphant August 2, 2012!!!
This is because today, Mariah's first ever post-pregnancy Single was released!!
And yes, the title is Triumphant (Get 'Em) ft Rick Ross and Mee Mill

Play the Audio!!

I love Mariah the RnB / HipHop Diva!!
I must say the song is a grower!! I cannot blame some lambs for having violent reactions..
I know we miss Mariah the Ballad Queen, but what the heck...
This song is very Mariah!!
The lyrics , very inspiring.. and the hook (Get'em get'em get'em) very addicting!!!
And what I love to do the most when listening to Mariah songs... I challenge myself to hear and differentiate those Mariah vocals (and whistles) which are used as part of the melody... and this new song never fails.... there are tons of Mariah in the melody, besides the "Get'Em" part,
there are little whistles and whispers in there... lol

Here's the Mariah part of the song...

"Can’t fall down now, so even when clouds surround you
And everyone seems to doubt you
Baby still know who you are
So you gotta keep on climbing
In spite of the chains that bind you
You can see the mountain top
It’s not too far..."

"Can't fall down stay triumphant keep on living
Stay on your toes
Get off the rope
Don’t let em ever count you out
Realize all things are possible
In your heart who's the greatest
Reach for the stars
Be all that you are
And make em all fall down..."

Thanks Mariah!!!

One true lamb here!!!

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